Diksha Malhotra

There are two ways to be experienced. One is to get first hand experience and Second is to learn from the experience of experienced. Diksha Malhotra has both in her kitty as she started her Makeup journey by educating herself under leading makeup artist of India. To get the formal education, she graduated herself from London College of Makeup and she is also certified from Dermalogica (Skincare).

Diksha Malhotra has enriching experience of Bridal Makeup of many years. She has travelled (India and abroad both) a lot for offering her enriching services to various bridals. She has vast experience of Fashion, Photographic, Media makeup. Not many in makeup fraternity is familiar with the art of Special Effects Makeup but Diksha Malhotra has learnt the craft and is applying it for professionals in the field of media. As mentioned, her main forte is Bridal make up and she has organised various workshops for various aspiring makeup artist to learn the art.

She is a veteran when it comes to various national/international fashion shows and

has offered her services of makeup in various national/International photoshoots as well. During initial time of her career, she has worked with brands like Nyx, Jane Iradle, Dermalogica etc. Currently she is organizing various workshops/seminar/conferences regarding makeup and is a pioneer when it comes to various experiments of makeup industry.

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